Shawn Smith

Senior Strategic Account Manager

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Shawn relaunched her career in 2016 by joining Alliant Purchasing as, Inside Sales & Service representative. In this position she focused on distribution relationships with all classes of trade in the non-acute space. Shawn’s ability to earn supplier trust paired well with her hands-on approach to member service. Before long, Alliant tapped her on the shoulder to transition into the acute world. Shawn accepted the title of Sales Manager, Strategic Accounts, and the challenge of servicing Alliant’s two largest members. Shawn swiftly gained fluency in the management and implementation of IDN hierarchy, infrastructure, pricing, commitment, acquisitions, geography, and conversions. Shawn recently accepted a promotion to Senior Strategic Account Manager (SAM). While balancing customer service, Shawn now also trains and leads the SAMs in their quest to Member Success–no matter the member type or class.