Cathie Dunigan

Connectivity Manager

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Cathie Dunigan, our dedicated Connectivity Manager at Alliant Purchasing, brings over a decade of expertise to the Connectivity Team. Since November 2011, she has been instrumental in onboarding Acute members, connecting contracts for all Alliant Purchasing members, and resolving member pricing issues. Cathie’s extensive background includes three years at Humana and a remarkable 22-year tenure as a Director with a regional non-profit, focusing on program development and fundraising.

Armed with a master’s degree from Ball State University and recognized as a Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Cathie leverages her skills daily, managing multiple projects and contributing to process improvement for increased efficiencies at Alliant.

Beyond her professional commitments, Cathie finds joy in various pursuits. She enjoys crossword puzzles and card games with friends and is a voracious reader and word game enthusiast. Her love for hiking, traveling, and spending quality time with her grandkids reflects her adventurous spirit.

Cathie draws inspiration from quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt and Anais Nin, embracing a life without fear and continually seeking personal growth. Known affectionately as the “Bulldog” for her tenacity and enthusiasm, Cathie is driven to ensure our membership secures the best possible savings through Alliant. Her unwavering dedication is a testament to her commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence.