About Alliant Purchasing

Alliant Purchasing is a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive Group Purchasing Organization. We are an extension of our members’ brands, contributing to their success while saving them time, energy, and money.

Our Mission & Vision

Alliant Purchasing provides access to transformational value and service by simplifying the supply chain.

Our Story

For more than thirty years Alliant has served a diverse group of healthcare providers across the country. Originally conceived by a large urban healthcare system to assist its small rural hospital partners, Alliant continues the tradition of combining divergent interests to create collective value. Alliant is the nexus of providers large and small, rural, and urban, and our supplier business partners.

Since the early 1990’s Alliant has experienced phenomenal growth. What was once a hospital-based buying group has become a leading independent Group Purchasing Organization with more than 26,000 healthcare provider organizations among its membership. Through a series of acquisitions, strategic partnerships, and operationally driven expansion, Alliant now leverages more than $82 billion of buying power. Alliant provides access to transformational value by simplifying the supply chain.

Non-Healthcare Expansion

With that kind of scale, it only made sense to expand Alliant beyond healthcare. Members in the hospitality, transportation, construction, financial, and professional services segments also enjoy market-best pricing on their high-impact spend categories.

Alliant has once again reinvented itself. While our legacy as a member-driven buying group remains our foundation, we believe the future of collective supply chain improvement is here, and we are the future. Supply expense opportunities are data-driven and proactively pushed to our members, our suppliers see quantitative evidence of our contract value, and our staff is empowered to act with urgency. Alliant’s b2b marketplace ap+ is unique among Group Purchasing Organizations and is just one example of the innovation that continues to drive us daily.

We’ll always celebrate the past and plan for the future, however, our focus is on being the best today and helping our members WIN in a competitive market. Every day, we ask how we can streamline purchasing processes and improve our members’ experience. We hope you’ll join the family and find the pathway to purchasing power.