Alliant’s E-Commerce Buying Solution

Louisville, KY

Alliant Purchasing, backed by $82 Billion in purchasing power, has launched a new Business and Industry focused e-commerce solution, ap+ap+ combines the convenience and efficiency of a completely online buying experience with the competitive pricing of a national group purchasing organization (GPO).  Using a proprietary exchange platform, Alliant has been able to remove the multistep and regulated buying requirements of a GPO for the ap+ experience.

ap+ members can view Alliant Purchasing GPO contracted products on the ap+ website, select and place those products in a common “shopping cart,” and then make the final purchase via their account.  The technology that powers ap+ places purchasing and reporting in the customer’s hands. ap+ members in Professional Service Firms, Construction, Hospitality, Casinos, Hotels, Schools, Transportation, and Recreation, amongst other Business and Industry verticals, can enjoy the simplicity of a one-stop buying experience while securing market-best pricing.

“When Alliant launched ap+ in 2022, we wondered how our contract pricing would translate from healthcare to the business world,” said Mark Slone, President, Alliant Purchasing.  “One of our first clients was a large integrated business with nearly 20,000 employees and over 400 locations around the country.  When ap+ saved this company 20% on supplies and services without changing products or vendors, we knew our value would translate to virtually every company in every business sector.” 

About Alliant Purchasing

Alliant is a Group Purchasing Organization backed by more than $82 Billion in purchasing volume and represents more than 26,000 members in all 50 states.  Alliant’s industry insight and subject matter experts assist in streamlining the purchasing process for members, saving them time, energy, and money as an extension of each member facility.

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